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SAT Preparation classes in Milpitas, Fremont, Newark, and Gilroy, California

What did you enjoy most about the class?

“How he went into each aspect of the SAT individually and somewhat divided it up - which made it easier.” - Ryan Forsyth
“The pace. It was perfect. Not too fast, not too slow.” - Michael Eriksson
“Gave me new ways to do SAT problems.” - Anthony Zhang
“Quick, precise summaries.” - Benjamin Ho
“The practice test.” - Aaron Lang
“The math portions – the instructor was extremely knowledgeable and helped me understand most math problems.” – Tracy Harbutte
“Learning about old math operations I had forgotten.” – Steven Gunn
“I enjoyed the practice test and worksheets that were given to us.” – Sara Morimoto
“The handouts because I get to take them home and review them when I have more time.” – Jenna Luna
“Learning some math tips, how the class was not extremely strict.” - Richard Hubbell
“The different ways of looking at a problem” - Samantha Chen
“I enjoyed reviewing all the old material I took and forgot about at school” - Tiffany Louie
“The practice quizzes were graded and given back with personalized comments” - Aaron Vaid
“Taking the practice tests and then receiving feedback” - Nidhanjali Bansal
“Enjoyed the review and tips for math and PoE” - Brett Jones
“One-on-one teaching” - Minh Nguyen
“I enjoyed learning, and the practice test was very helpful” - Myloe Esquivel

What positive feedback do you have about the instructor?

“Well-prepared and knew the SAT well.” - Ryan Forsyth
“He's a cool guy. Seems very nice. Also very smart.” - Michael Eriksson
“Explained subjects pretty well.” - Anthony Zhang
“Knows what he's talking about.” - Benjamin Ho
“He was hella cool.” - Aaron Lang
“He explains everything very clearly.” – Chris Torres
“Smart, intelligent, nice.” – Bryan Krough
“Attentive, well-spoken, nice, knowledgeable.” – Sarah Penkethman
“That he explains the problems step-by-step.” – Cynthia Cruz
“Cool dude. Good feedback from practice test.” – Steven Gunn
“He gets straight to the point and explains what we need to know.” – Jon McBirney
“He was very nice and explained everything very thoroughly. He made it so that all of the information was easily retained.” – Sara Morimoto
“Good teacher, seemed to know what he was talking about.” – Aimee Rose
“Explained everything clearly, helped make problems simpler” - Richard Hubbell
“He gave me a better idea about what to expect on the SAT” - Bryan Bourke
“I learned a lot about each different section on the SAT and what to look for in problems” - Kelli Marshall
“Very coherent; easy to understand and listen to; very precise on what he is doing” - Eric Fung
“He knows what he is talking about, his materials are really helpful, the strategies are also very helpful” - Samantha Chen
“He is well-organized and very helpful. He provides many examples and worksheets.” - Jessica Josol
“He knows a lot” - Tiffany Louie
“Always happy and energetic, pretty good at explaining, and a real nice guy” - Aaron Vaid
“He knows the material well” - Brett Jones
“Very calm and easy to speak to” - Joseph Barker
“Very descriptive, lets you answer” - Minh Nguyen
“Easy to understand, explained concepts clearly, good review and class plans” - Michael Acedo

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