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SAT Preparation classes in Milpitas, Fremont, Newark, and Gilroy, California

What did you enjoy most about the class?

''Learning new information'' - Priya Thumma, The Harker School
''The help on math and the feedback on practice tests'' - Brian Costello, Live Oak HS
''It was simple and straight to the point'' - Justin Lim, Milpitas HS
''The confidence I got after learning about the essay; the class presented in bullet points / easy to take notes'' - Gabby Garcia, American HS
''Covered all aspects of the test and got actual scores and feedback [from the practice exam]'' - Ryan Forsyth, Valley Christian HS
''It was relaxing and not stressful'' - Michael Wong, Washington HS
''Clues about the SAT'' - Chris Lewis, Newark Memorial HS
''We were always learning something'' - Marisa Juarez, Gilroy HS
''I enjoyed the practice exams and being taught the things we were weakest in. Also the teacher didn't make things boring.'' - Maria Sohail, Newark Memorial HS
''Writing section; some new tips'' - Matthew Wong, Bellarmine College Prep
''Very laid back; I didn't dread coming every Saturday; everything is simple to grasp'' - Marisa Miranda, American HS
''Practice tests'' - Uzma Saeed, Notre Dame HS
''The feedback given about our work'' - Joy Edquilang, Milpitas HS
''Learning helpful strategies'' - Shehba Shahab, Irvington HS
''I liked how after every practice test in class we went over each problem and better understood them'' - Valentin Polyanskiy, Sobrato HS
''Fun and you learn at the same time'' - Alorilyn Villaruz, Milpitas HS
''Knowing what kind of questions will be asked'' - Camille Ramirez, Valley Christian HS
''I enjoyed that the atmosphere was such that it did not force us to worry, rather to encourage us to work hard'' - Kanwal Palla, Evergreen Valley HS
''Practice tests; knowing that I'm improving'' - Hanul Lee, Mission San Jose HS
''I learned many things; kept me in study mode'' - Jonathan Dang, Milpitas HS
''The powerpoints make it easier to follow along'' - Herleen Dulai, Presentation HS
''I enjoyed learning new ways to find the answers, like PoE. I liked the slide show and the information.'' - Jaison Machanickal, Irvington HS
''Good feedback on essay and practice test'' - Amy Ninh, American HS
''The interaction between students, and how everything was understandable'' - Cathy Wu, Piedmont Hills HS
''The pace was just right'' - Rebecca Mantecon, Notre Dame HS
''The math portion; it refreshed my memory'' - Jordan Cursi, Gilroy HS
''Taking the practice tests and then receiving feedback'' - Nidhanjali Bansal, Milpitas HS
''Sample questions'' - Margaret Furagganan, Newark Memorial HS
''The teacher went over almost every topic I knew of and used detail'' - Sean Rousseau, Irvington HS
''Moves at a good pace; not too slow or too fast'' - Diana Chan, Milpitas HS
''I could ask questions'' - Katie Helland, Archbishop Mitty HS
''Taking practice tests to help prepare me'' - Shama Madhvani, Milpitas HS
''The cheats - like problem canceling'' - Renald Wang, Saratoga HS
''I found areas that need improvement'' - Julie Ellen Orsburn, Milpitas HS
''Learned new reading and writing techniques'' - Jaimie Chan, Irvington HS
''Doing the practice tests'' - Angela Vuong, Milpitas HS
''Doing evaluations and learning my status'' - Julie Lee, Mission San Jose HS
''The feedback" - David Bui, Milpitas HS
''I liked how the homework was optional, so there was no pressure'' - Sabrina Kong, American HS
''It has been a great refresher of many skills and a reminder that I must always strive to better myself. And the essay writing portion.'' - Robert Drop

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