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SAT Preparation classes in Milpitas, Fremont, Newark, and Gilroy, California

What positive feedback do you have about the instructor?

''He explains things well'' - Priya Thumma, The Harker School
''Learned a lot; he seems like he knows what he's talking about, and he challenged me by asking me questions'' - Jaci Davey, Presentation HS
''Good teacher; knows how to teach the confusing stuff'' - Brian Costello, Live Oak HS
''He's really direct and intelligent. He was able to answer questions immediately as well as teach efficiently.'' - Justin Lim, Milpitas HS
''Offered only the info needed and didn't teach unnecessary info'' - Gabby Garcia, American HS
''Knows everything and can teach it well'' - Ryan Forsyth, Valley Christian HS
''Very good feedback on tests we took'' - Michael Wong, Washington HS
''He told us what we can improve on - based on the practice test'' - Chris Lewis, Newark Memorial HS
''He was always prepared, and had a good way of setting up the class, and provided good feedback'' - Marisa Juarez, Gilroy HS
''He was very helpful and willing to help. Even if you made mistakes, he wouldn't make you feel like you did something wrong.'' - Maria Sohail, Newark Memorial HS
''He's encouraging and seems to sincerely want to help us succeed on the test'' - Teresa Nguyen, Milpitas HS
''Available for outside help'' - Matthew Wong, Bellarmine College Prep
''He is so patient! Very friendly and personable; puts things in simplest terms; I like the personal feedback'' - Marisa Miranda, American HS
''Good handouts! And powerpoints are very helpful.'' - Uzma Saeed, Notre Dame HS
''Very nice and explained material well'' - Joy Edquilang, Milpitas HS
''He is very organized and understanding'' - Elizabeth Ruvalcaba, Mission San Jose HS
''He has a lot of patience and he is very nice. He explains things so I can understand them.'' - Melanie Guardado, American HS
''Very helpful with Critical Reading section'' - Shehba Shahab, Irvington HS
''His teaching technique is very calm and understanding; he explains everything clearly and at a good pace; he's really friendly'' - Valentin Polyanskiy, Sobrato HS
''Really smart and helpful'' - Alorilyn Villaruz, Milpitas HS
''Easy to follow'' - Camille Ramirez, Valley Christian HS
''He really knows how to interpret a student's work and his feedback really encouraged me to strengthen my work'' - Kanwal Palla, Evergreen Valley HS
''Great teacher; really great information about the SAT'' - Hanul Lee, Mission San Jose HS
''Told me most things I needed to know about SAT and colleges'' - Jonathan Dang, Milpitas HS
''This class was helpful to me and was fun at the same time'' - Herleen Dulai, Presentation HS
''He has taught me a lot of interesting facts about the scoring and ways to help us get better SAT results. He did an excellent job.'' - Jaison Machanickal, Irvington HS
''Somehow 2 hours felt like 30 minutes'' - Andrew Le, Gilroy HS
''I like the Process of Elimination methods he taught us'' - Amy Ninh, American HS
''He's awesome! He makes math fun and easy!'' - Cathy Wu, Piedmont Hills HS
''He is very understanding and gives back good/helpful comments'' - Rebecca Mantecon, Notre Dame HS
''Great feedback on my essay'' - Bryan Pham, Milpitas HS
''Very nice and encourages us to do our best'' - Jordan Cursi, Gilroy HS
''He explained everything really well'' - Nidhanjali Bansal, Milpitas HS
''Nice, fun'' - Margaret Furagganan, Newark Memorial HS
''He definitely knows what he's talking about and is well-organized'' - Sean Rousseau, Irvington HS
''He was patient'' - Angela Vuong, Milpitas HS
''Great teacher; would come back again'' - Renald Wang, Saratoga HS
''He does a great job at reviewing what we must know'' - Julie Ellen Orsburn, Milpitas HS
''I like the way he goes over things step by step, teaching different-but-helpful techniques and strategies'' - Jaimie Chan, Irvington HS
''He is very smart and knows how to explain problems well. Also, it was good that he gave us a list of topics of what is going to be on the test.'' - Shama Madhvani, Milpitas HS
''Teaches well; makes SATs easy to learn'' - Julie Lee, Mission San Jose HS
''Funny, nice, helpful" - David Bui, Milpitas HS
''Very good teacher; helped math make sense; good explanations and liked working out examples on the board; gave us as much homework as we wanted to do and then he corrected it for us [individually] instead of using class time (when things were explained)'' - Katie Helland, Archbishop Mitty HS
''He's fast-paced and easy to understand'' - Douglas Nguyen, Milpitas HS
''Entertaining, very knowledgeable'' - Matt Mito, Live Oak HS
''Good explanations'' - Alissa Shir, Milpitas HS
''He explained everything well and I got good feedback on the stuff I did'' - Sabrina Kong, American HS
''Great job. He has been surprisingly skilled at explaining concepts perfectly and without hesitation. I wish I had math and grammar teachers like Dave in high school.'' - Robert Drop

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