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LEGO(R) FUNgineering and Technic Classes in Newark and Milpitas, California FUNgineering and Technic Class Locations, Schedule, and How to Register

Launched in April of 2017... a LEGO Technic class in Milpitas - a class for kids too advanced for the FUNgineering class.
1) Milpitas' Community Center (457 E. Calaveras Blvd / Milpitas)
Winter/Spring classes: The winter/spring FUNgineering, Technic, and Robotics classes were canceled because Dave is moving. Dave will still teach the weeklong Robotics and Technic camps this summer, and Katie/Alicia will run the summer FUNgineering camps. The weekly FUNgineering, Technic, and Robotics classes should return in the Fall - most likely on Saturdays.
In person at: 457 E. Calaveras Blvd (Milpitas Community Center)
Call: (408) 586-3210
Milpitas online registration - Type ''lego'' into search box

Summer of 2018 Camp Schedule

2018 LEGO FUNgineering camps (M-F, 9am-noon):
Camp 1: June 25-29
Camp 2: July 16-20
2018 LEGO Technic camp (M-F, 9am-noon):
Camp 1: June 11-15
2018 LEGO Robotics camps (M-F, 9am-noon):
Camp 1: June 18-22
Camp 2: Aug 6-10

2) Newark's Silliman Activity Center (6800 Mowry Ave / Newark)
Spring class: LEGO FUNgineering Mar 28 - Apr 25, 2018 (Wednesdays, 4:15-6:15)
In person at: 6800 Mowry Ave (Silliman Activity Center)
Call: (510) 578-4620
Newark online registration - click ''Register'' or ''Register for Activities'' link, then click season/year you're interested in, then click ''Youth Activities'', then click ''LEGO FUNgineering'' --> You will then see listings for available classes

2018 LEGO FUNgineering Summer camp schedule (M-F, 9am-noon):
Camp 1: July 23-27
Camp 2: Aug 6-10

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