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Katie Lau

Assistant teacher for LEGO(R) FUNgineering summer camps in Milpitas and Newark; Katie took the Lead Teacher role for most of the Milpitas and Newark '12 through '17 summer camps

David S. Wang

+ DWYS, LLC DBA Renaissance Tots, LLC Founder and Managing Member
+ Currently teaching SAT preparation classes in Milpitas, Fremont, and Newark
+ Currently teaching LEGO(R) FUNgineering classes in Milpitas and Newark
+ Currently teaching LEGO EV3 Robotics classes at Ohlone College in Fremont - and also in Milpitas
+ Taught Intro to Calculus for Ohlone for Kids summer program (2016)
+ Will teach LEGO(R) Technic classes in Milpitas
+ Will hopefully teach 3 R's + LEGOs Preschool classes in Milpitas
+ Also currently tutoring part-time
+ Formerly a Sony Electronics Inc. Software Manager, Senior Engineer and Product Planner in San Jose, CA and Basingstoke, England; and also formerly a Software Engineer with Embark.com

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