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Preparation classes for the SAT in Milpitas and Fremont, California These classes teach students the basics and prepare them completely for the SAT: strategies for the Evidence-Based Reading, Writing and Language, Essay, and Math sections; practice test sections; personalized feedback based on performance on the practice tests; target score strategies; and college admissions awareness. These classes also help younger students prepare for the PSAT.

Our very first class was held on Sept 13, 2005.

Current class offerings:
SAT Prep - Reading and Writing - a class that focuses on the reading skills, grammar, and essay-writing skills required for the Reading and Writing sections of the SAT; includes an essay practice test, 3 reading practice test sections, and 2 writing practice test sections

SAT Prep - Math - an in-depth review of all 4 math content categories covered by the SAT (and all math competencies a high school student should carry to college); includes 5 practice test sections; also serves as a good review class for end-of-semester math exams

'20-'21 school year SAT Exam Dates:
Aug 29, 2020 (SAT and Subject Tests)
Sep 26, 2020 (SAT only)
Oct 3, 2020 (SAT and Subject Tests)
Nov 7, 2020 (SAT and Subject Tests)
Dec 5, 2020 (SAT and Subject Tests)
Mar 13, 2021 (SAT only)
May 8, 2021 (SAT and Subject Tests)
June 5, 2021 (SAT and Subject Tests)

SAT Test Preparation Classes in Milpitas and Fremont, California

To discuss class details, contact David at rtots1@gmail.com

Each class (2 hours long) meets once per week for 5 weeks (10 hours total).

Each community center charges $16 per hour (for residents) or less - and the material coverage will be very comparable to the MUCH more expensive classes!

NO MATERIALS FEE for any SAT class! Complete set of handouts (practice tests + feedback, homework assignments*, in-class worksheets, some class notes) included in class fee.

*Homework is optional

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